Please find below the latest update on new Xero features and what’s being worked on:


  • Bank Statements – you will notice on the bank statements tab you now have the option to view bank statement transactions in detailed statement lines or as a summary per statement. The detailed statement lines makes it easier to find a specific transaction without having to search per statement.
  • Report Filters – reports filters have been added to “New Reports” Tab and should be working. A very useful one is the “Account Transactions” Report where you can view the detail on more then one GL account and use the filters to only view information you need to see.
  • Payments Services – while this does not apply in Zimbabwe on the whole, I am looking into how to incorporate the local “Pay Now” service so clients can pay online. If you have not already got free PAYNET service (or PAYNET online for certain banks) in your business please contact me so I can help set this up and reduce your current bank charges. I am working with them to link the export batch feature with their software.
  • IOS app has been updated so clients not yet on xero can download the app and view the app and how it works using the demo company.
  • Android app has been updated for fingerprint access, as well as 2-step authentication (IOS pending). You can also find an advisor in your area using your GPS, IOS still being developed.


  • New and Old Reports Tabs are to be merged – this is still being worked on.
  • Contact reports – more detailed reports from the contacts tab will be available soon.
  • Copy To feature is being developed to handle more and make data entry less.


  • Use Control-F (Windows) or Command-F (Mac) to bring up search tab on any page.
  • Do you know in the “Files” icon in top right of your screen is a unique email address that you can give your suppliers to send invoices to. You can then capture your suppliers invoice into “Bills” with the invoice side by side so you can enter the information easily. See more below related to a new service I will be offering through Receipt Bank to help automate your data capture.
  • If for some reason you are having problems with Xero, visit the Xero status page where you cans see if the problem relates to you or Xero CLICK HERE


This is a new section this month where I will be highlighting any developments other than Xero from my side:

  • I am pleased to announce that I have recently  partnered up with Autopay and will be able to offer some exciting add-ons services related to payroll and human resources management, as well as cloud services in this area (more to follow in a separate blog).
  • I am also looking at partnering with RECEIPT BANK and will be offering an automated cloud data capturing service for all your invoices, receipts and expense claims that will upload to Xero within 6 hours of receiving via email. Please CLICK HERE for more information.

Lastly Xero will be doing a data migration for all companies over the next  few months. You will receive advance notifications about when this will affect you, but they are trying to do this in evenings and at weekends for minimum disruption,  CLICK HERE for more info.