Please find below the latest update on new Xero features and what’s being worked on:


There are a few features that have been added and will be available on your Xero platform over the next few weeks, these are:

  • Uncoded Bank Statement Lines – your accountant/advisor will now be able to produce a report that can be exported as an editable PDF and sent to the relevant person to add comments and help identify correct allocations.
  • Add Items feature – this feature has been mentioned before and will now be a reality soon. Where you have raised an invoice to a customer previously and you would like to raise a similar invoice again you can add a blank invoice and using the “Add items from previous invoice” button, you will be able to recreate a similar invoice without the need to enter the data manually again.
  • Microsoft Power BI – this is a new free integration with Xero that allows your advisor to analyse your Xero data and bring it to life in more manful graphs, charts and visual displays that help small business see how there are performing. CLICK HERE to learn more or CONTACT ME if you would like this service added to your current portfolio.


Use your smartlists in Xero to create targeted marketing campaigns so you don’t miss out on recurring sales – to see how CLICK HERE


  • New and Old Reports Tabs have been merged into one “report centre “and will be released in the coming weeks. You will be able to customise and design your own reports, adding notes, schedules, additional columns/rows and formulas as and where you need them.
  • Cash Coding – you will be able to pull defaults from your contacts setup to allow minimal data entry and Xero will suggest the GL code to allocate to based on these defaults. Another example of Xero reducing your input time.
  • Bank Reconciliations mismatch – Xero will be able to pinpoint and guide you to the day or period where mismatches have occurred and you can view the detailed transactions from this report. Reconciliation issues will be resolved in no time.

The Xero Add-Marketplace has been rebranded the “Xero App Marketplace” and makes it easier to find those apps that can potentially assist your business – CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE or CONTACT ME if you have a specific app that you might be interested in.


Since last month, where I indicated impending partnerships, I have successfully partnered with Payserv/Autopay and Receipt Bank to offer additional services – please CLICK HERE to see my services page for more information or CONTACT ME for pricing.