Please find below the latest update on new Xero features and what’s being worked on:


There are a few features that have been added and are now available or will be on your Xero platform in the next few weeks, these are:

  • Address Search – you will be able to use the search feature in contacts to pull up full addresses using post codes.
  • Cash Coding – this feature has been enhanced so you can use in conjunction with bank rules to reconcile bank transactions lines even faster.
  • Reports Dashboard – this has now been merged into one and contains both new and old reports. You will be able to customise your reports to suit your business and they can be saved under the “Custom Tab”.
  • Online invoices – you are now able to preview your online invoice before your email it to your customer.
  • Xero Touch App – the Android APP has been updated to include a new notifications feature.


  • Use your bank rules and cash coding features together to enhance and speed up bank reconciliations.
  • Use the quick launch icon and short cut keys to speed up document processing.
  • Use inventory items for repeat descriptions when processing invoices, bills or spend and receive money transactions.
  • Use your files inbox to process bills, invoices, and expense claims, with the source document side by side.
  • Use find and recode function with history and notes to correct posting errors.
  • Use the 2-step authentication feature and regularly change your login password to improve your security and protect your data.


  • 2-step authentication for the IOS Xero Touch App coming soon.
  • Prompt payment discount feature – this will be a feature that can be added to your invoices to incentivise your customers to pay earlier and improve your collection periods.
  • The XeroCon is being held in San Fransisco at the moment with a few new features and partnerships set to be announced. Please keep up to date by following me on Twitter @ImrayAndrew or follow #xerocon for the latest developments.


Please note that Xero will be offline for the majority of clients for a few hours from 8pm on Saturday 20th August.