Please find below the latest update on new Xero features and what is in the pipeline:


There are a few features that have been added and are now available or will be on your Xero platform in the next few weeks, these are:

  • New Dashboard – there will be some changes to the colours being used on the dashboard, more in line with the Xero branding. There will also be performance upgrades in the coming weeks which will speed up the dashboard functions.
  • Invoices – when processing invoices, if you miss out a particular section and then click “Approve”, Xero will highlight in a box above the invoice what still needs to be entered and the sections will have red corner to highlight this. You will also be able to add lines on an invoice in bulk using the “add lines” tab at bottom of invoice, add 5,10 or 20 lines with the click of a button. Item codes will also now be visible on online invoices or PDF copies. To enable this, go to invoice settings, edit, and click the section which says “Show item code”.
  • Tracking – this feature can be used in the enchanced reporting section which allows you to customise reports and save them for future use.


The Xero App for IOS and Android has been updated as follows:

  • IOS – the invoicing tab has been improved to make invoicing on your mobile device easier with similar functions to those found when using the computer. You will also now be able to use the 2-step authentication with the IOS App.
  • Android – general improvements have been made including a feature that allows you to import contact information already stored on your mobile device into the Xero App.


Use the repeating invoice function for sales invoices or bills if you sell or buy recurring monthly amounts. You can set this up to automatically approve and send to a client for sales invoice.
Use your files inbox to process bills, invoices, and expense claims, with the source document side by side.
Use the expense claims feature on your mobile app or on your desktop to keep track of those expenses before the receipt gets lost.


  • There is a new invoice preview function being worked on and will be available soon.
  • 4 new reports will be available in the coming months which will allow you to view your contacts’ transactions in summary, cash movement only, receivables only or payables only.
  • The ability to copy bank rules across to other companies in Xero is another feature being worked on.
  • The IOS App will be able to process payments against invoices over the coming months.
  • Additional addresses will soon be added to the contacts section so you can add a “Ship to Address”.


Payroll integration using PAYSPACE will be available soon – CONTACT ME for more information and pricing. For those of you who still don’t know about Receipt Bank – check out on my website by CLICKING HERE or CONTACT ME to arrange a free demo – automate your data entry for invoices and receipts!!!

I am organising a free XERO DEMO morning to showcase Xero in action along with some highlighted add-ons over the coming weeks. Please let any potential interested parties know to CONTACT ME as there will be limited places available.

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